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10 Games Like Farmville to Play on Android and iOS




If you are someone that created a Facebook account back in the early days, you might remember that you were able to play a ton of games right away. One of the very popular games back then was Farmville. In Farmville, you were able to grow a ton of crops and raise different animals. Sadly, the game was shut down on Facebook and got a proper release on Android and iOS. So, if you are looking for games similar to Farmville, here are 10 games that you’ll need to check out.

These farming games are fun. Not only because you get to do farming stuff, but you’ll be able to play with your friends and trade resources with each other. The other reason why there is a huge player base for such kinds of games is due to the fact that you can play these games on your phone at any time and anywhere. But what if you want to try out games that are similar to Farmville? We’ve got you covered with our 10 best games like Farmville for you to play on the go on your Android or iOS devices. your Android or iOS devices.

Games like Farmville for Android and iOS

1. Hay Day

From the makers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Hay Day is a fun farming game similar to Farmville. The game lets you build a whole farm, raise crops and also take care of animals. The game lets you expand your farm by trading various farm products for coins. You also need to welcome different animals, farms, and pets alike.

Apart from the farm, you can also visit a lake, town, and valley. You can also visit neighboring farms and start a few trades with them. The best part of all is that you can play around with your friends and also help them to complete various trades. Hay Day contains a few ads as well as in-app purchases.

2. Farm Frenzy 3

As you can identify from the game’s title, yes it’s all about farming and is similar to Farmville. It’s a complete farming simulator game packaged into a single game for mobile. There are 5 countries in the game for you to explore and level up.

Now, a farm is incomplete without animals, buildings, and products to grow on your farm. You have to perform a lot of jobs as if it’s a farming simulator. Purchase products, trade your raw materials, upgrade new buildings and above all manage the whole farming business and watch your profits rise up. The really best part about this game is that you do not need to have an internet connection to play. It’s a fun offline game.

3. Green Farm 3

Gameloft is a well-known developer that has been putting out games for a long time. Green Farm 3 is a game that you need to be playing if you enjoy Farmville. The game begins with you occurring an old farm from a relative, and it is your job to turn that dead farm into a functioning farming business. A typical storyline for a lot of farming-related games that are available on PC.

Along with managing your farm, you will also be able to complete various farm tasks when you become friends with your neighbors and others in your city. The game will have ads and contain in-app purchases.

4. Royal Farm

Royal Farm is simple yet enjoyable. Grab a farm, start factories and begin growing your crops. The game is similar to Farmville because of the game’s nature. There are various animals that you can bring to your farm. The good part about this game is the fact that there are various characters from popular stories such as Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, etc.

You will be asked to build various houses for the characters and also help them out with various tasks. The game has different season-based events and quests that you can complete either alone or with people and friends online.

5. Farming Simulator 20

Here is a game that takes farming to a whole other level. Farming Simulator 20 is everything you can expect from a simulator game. There are real-world licensed farming machinery that can be driven and used on your farm. You can harvest your crops and also raise a lot of farm animals.

The game is super popular and loveable because of the graphics that are in the game. Sure, it isn’t on par with the PC version of the game but good enough for a mobile device. There have been several iterations of Farming Simulator over the years.

6. Farm City: Farming and City Building

If you wanted a free-to-play and offline Farming game, Farm City should be on your list. Well, you do all the regular stuff. Harvest crops, raise some animals, and also sell your produce. Apart from that, you will also be managing and building a city. The city will be a full-fledged one with all the important services accessible to the city folks.

You will be able to manage trade between your farm and the ever-expanding city, which basically means business for you. Farm City has ads as well as in-app purchases.

7. Let’s Farm

By now, you should be knowing what exactly to expect in a farming and management game. All the usual stuff that’s required to be a good farmer. You know the drill, harvest crops, raise animals, construct new buildings, and the rest.

In Let’s Farm, you’ll be able to not only go fishing but will also have to be cooking and serving tasty delicacies to the people and neighbors who will visit your farm. The list of things goes on and on. The good part about mobile games is that they are free, and you get in your friends to play the game as well. This results in you being able to trade and help your other farm friends within the game.

8. Bricky Farm / Blocky Farm

Sure, we’ve seen all of the above games in good 3D graphics. So, how about a farming game that replicates the block style to that of Minecraft? Yup. Minecraft blocks. It’s basically Minecraft farming, but with actual farming utilities. You can do everything in this game. From growing crops, caring for animals, and even trading your produce.

The best part of the game is the ability to drive a tractor itself. This would be a go-to game if you are someone that’s always traveling to and from work on a daily basis and has a spotty internet connection. The game will run fine offline without the need for any internet connection. Bricky Farm is a game like Farmville and it is mostly free, but you can purchase other in-game items if you wish to.

9. Tiny Pixel Farm – Simple Farm Game

Next on the list of games like Farmville, we have Tiny Pixel Farm. If you’re someone that has played video games from the early days on PC or even on earlier mobile phones from Nokia, you might have noticed that all of these games’ graphics are simple pixelated ones. Well, if you wish to relive the old days, Tiny Pixel Farm is just what you need. It’s a simple game that you can play to kill the spare time that you have. There are simple objectives like taking care of animals, feeding them, and cultivating crops.

Apart from farm animals, there are chances of you encountering wild animals. However, you can choose to befriend these wild animals or surprise guests who show up at night. As you expand your farm, you’ll require Ranch Friends. These are helping hands who will work on your farm and help with a lot of tasks.

10. Harvest Town

Games like Farmville list conclude with a very interesting pixel farming game. Yes, it’s got the old-school pixel graphics- something you’d like in your game especially if you are nostalgic about old games. So, what makes Harvest Town appealing? Well, you have to tend to your farm- no doubt about that. But apart from your farm, you have to also build up a nice home for yourself and also visit different markets. Whether it’s your neighborhood market or a market that requires you to reach by sea. In these markets, you can choose to buy or sell different products.

The game also has a weather system that keeps changing and this will have an effect on your farm. So, you do need to think wisely before preparing your fields for the incoming weather. Harvest Town also has an appealing story mode that lets you go out on different adventures.


And this concludes our list of best farming games like Farmville to play on your Android or iOS device. Now, if you are looking for similar farming and management types of games, you need to check out these games like that you can play on PC and on the Nintendo Switch. What is the best farming game you’ve played on your mobile or PC? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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