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15 Astonishing Wallpapers for your iPhone



Last month, I promised to share aesthetic wallpapers for the iPhone first Sunday of each month. Keeping my promise today I have come up with a new wallpaper collection under our YMWC (YTECHB’s Monthly Wallpaper Collection), which you can use on your iPhone till we share more. In case you missed the last month’s collection, then you can head over to this page, read along to grab the 15 new astonishing wallpapers for your iPhone.

Obviously, all wallpapers are optimized for the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 series, and also for the upcoming iPhone SE 2022. This time, we pick wallpapers from various sources, including last time’s r/iPhoneWallpapers subreddit, r/iPhoneXWallpapers, Unsplash, and some more. After tracking these locations since last month, I curated 15 mind-boggling images which you can use on your iPhone’s home screen and lock screen. All the wallpapers attached in this article are in 1170 X 2532 pixels resolution.

This month’s collection has a bunch of colorful wallpapers, abstract images, including a few stock images and sceneries as well. Keeping the list similar to the last month by adding hide the notch wallpapers. Yes, you can hide the dock on the home screen, by turning on the dark mode on your iPhone.

You can follow us on Twitter (@YTECHB) or on Google News (YTECHB) for more updates. Now let’s move to the preview section of YTECHB’s Monthly Wallpapers Collection aka #YMWC.

Hide the Dock (Gen 2)

A minimal dark wallpaper is the best way to kick off this collection. The original image was shared by Elliott Engelmann on Unsplash, we’ve tweaked the original image for fading the dock background. If you’re using dark mode more and also want to hide the background of the dock, then you’ll love using this image on your iPhone’s background. Here’s the preview image.

iphone wallpapers

Download Link

Neon Home

A Reddit user (u/II_Skyfall_II) shared a bunch of impressive wallpapers including the Neon Home. The image looks cool thanks to the neon effect and a clean setup. If you’re looking for new Neon wallpapers, then you can give a try to this imagery.

Download Link

Origin OS Flower

Vivo’s China-focused custom skin – Origin OS packs a big list of stunning stock wallpapers. The collection has a flowers collection alongside the other built-in wallpapers, tap here for the complete Origin OS wallpapers collection. Check out the preview image here.

Download Link


As the name suggests, the next image is a wallpaper with a gradient texture. The wallpaper was shared by a Reddit user (u/lightning_thinker) alongside some other gradient wallpapers. I picked the first image which has a blue gradient texture, it looks gorgeous, check it out.

Download Link

White Sands New Mexico

This image was captured by (u/HeyyyKai) a while ago, but still, you can use it on your iPhone as wallpaper. As the name suggests, the shot was captured in New Mexico, if you’re looking for clean minimal wallpaper, then this one is for you.

Download Link

Swing (Hide the Dock)

The second hide the dock wallpaper of this collection is a creation of SirBean, a digital artist who makes stunning wallpapers for iPhones. SirBean’s Swing free wallpaper pack has fifteen colorful wallpapers. I picked one for this collection, which you can use to hide the dock on your iPhone, by enabling the dark mode.

Download Link

3D Moon

A Reddit user (u/kvlq) shared an amazing 3D colorful scenery that you can use on your iPhone’s lock screen. The image represents mountains, trees, and a sky filled with stars and the moon, it looks mind-blowing thanks to the 3D gradient effect, check out the preview.

Download Link

macOS Bliss Coloful

A known digital artist, who makes wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac – Basic Apple Guy, shared macOS Bliss wallpaper a few months ago. While sharing the wallpaper, Basic Apple Guys mentioned “Took a stab at giving the most recognized photograph on Earth the macOS treatment”, he talks about the recognized computer wallpaper – Bliss. I pick a red color image, you can check more colors on Basic Apple Guy’s Blog.

Download Link

White Sand

White Sand is yet another wallpaper of this collection taken near sunset at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, USA, by John Fowler (shared on Unsplash). You’ll love using it on your iPhone, here is the preview image of the wallpaper.

Download Link


Tranquility is yet another colorful gradient wallpaper that secures its place in this collection. The image was shared by u/81Sunset7 on Reddit. It looks amazing on both the lock screen and home screen of the iPhone.

Download Link

macOS Monterey Mod

macOS Monterey comes with amazing default wallpapers, you can check out the full collection, here. Now a Reddit user (u/lightning_thinker) shared a modded version of the default macOS Monterey wallpaper for iPhone. The modded version has blue gradience effect, check it out.

Download Link

Star Wars Dark

The next wallpaper of this collection is from the famous Sci-Fi movie – Star Wars, shared by u/harishsun. The image represents movie characters fighting, the key attraction of the image is the lightsaber held by the movie characters. Here’s the preview image.

Download Link

macOS Sonoma

Sonoma is yet another wallpaper shared by Basic Apple Guy. The wallpaper looks really impressive thanks to the gradience effect and color combination. If you like the below image, then you can download the high-resolution image for your iPhone.

Download Link

Calm Ocean

The next in this list is the Calm Ocean, the image was taken by Reddit user (u/Ok_Bluejay5373). It looks amazing on both the lock screen and home screen of the iPhone, check out the preview image.

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Colorful Hills

The last wallpaper of this collection is yet another colorful imagery, but this one with some 3D texture. A user has shared the wallpaper in both light and dark versions, you can check out the dark version by heading over to u/lightning_thinker.

Download Link

The collection is not over yet, as I said earlier, we’ll share more images next month for the iPhone, which image is your favorite from this list, let us know in the comment section.

In case you missed last month’s collection – YMWC 1

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