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5 Adventure Activities In Thailand



5 Adventure Activities In Thailand

Some people may not know this, but Thailand is so much more than relaxing beaches, gorgeous resorts, spas and delicious food. Not saying that those things are not surprising, but Thailand is also the heart of several adventure activities that are quite famous among the adrenaline junkies.So, get ready for an exciting journey 5 Adventure Activities In Thailand.

5 Adventure Activities In Thailand

1. Scuba Diving With Sharks

5 Adventure Activities In Thailand

It might sound insane, but scuba diving with sharks is a thing in Thailand, and you too can be a part of it. You will be able to participate in this activity in the Surin Islands of Thailand that offers sessions of scuba diving in the Richelieu rock. In the course, you will find several whale sharks underwater that do not attack human beings. The activity usually begins deep under the sea, and you will be able to swim side-by-side with the massive whales. You might even participate in the action in the Similan island of Thailand.

Best time: You will be able to take part in the activity between February to April because most whales come out during that time. Note that these activities do not happen from May to October.

2. Rock Climbing

5 Adventure Activities In Thailand

Rock Climbing might seem uncommon in Thailand, but it is one of the most famous spots among the adventure-enthusiasts. Both beginners and experienced climbers can participate in this activity. Even if you are a novice, you will not have a problem participating in rock climbing indoors because several places in Thailand, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other cities offer human-made walls that train you for the real rock-climbing sessions. If you want the real deal, you will have to go to the mesmerizing islands of Railey or Ton Sai to take part in rock-climbing sessions. Not only will the activity infuse you with adrenaline, but the scenic beauty surrounding the mountains is also to die for.

Where to take part in the activity: You will find several islands in Krabi where you will be able to take part in rock climbing sessions. The islands like Ao Nang, Railey, Ton Sai and many others are located in the Krabi Islands of Thailand.

3. White Water Rafting

5 Adventure Activities In Thailand

Rafting in Thailand is pretty standard. You will find several rapids out there that allow different tourists to take part in white water rafting out there. Five levels of rafting sessions are available there. In case, you are a novice, you will have to take part in the level one rapid rafting, and if you are an experienced rafter, you will be able to go higher. There are several spots in Northern Thailand that allow you to take part in this exciting activity. Not only the sessions, but the locations itself are mesmerizing enough to enable you to have a joyous time. Among the beautiful views of lush greenery, rivers, flora and fauna, you will be able to have a marvellous time out there.

Where to take part in the activity: Chiang Mai, Pai and many other spots in northern Thailand offer this activity to the tourists.

4. Kiteboarding

5 Adventure Activities In Thailand

Kiteboarding is a comparatively new activity that is quite prominent in Thailand. Many tourists take part in this activity because it not only offers them excitement, but there is a novelty in the whole idea of surfing with the help of a kite. It might seem dangerous, but you should not worry because, in Thailand, this activity is scrutinized and managed by expert professionals. The concept is simple you get on a surfboard and hold onto a huge kite that goes with the flow of the wind. Now, your instructor will help you navigate your way through the entire activity. Most tourists feel exasperated and happy amid the blue ocean and the waves surrounding them.

Where do you take part in the activity: Before taking part in the session, you will have to take classes/lessons to be eligible to participate in the event. There are several places in Thailand that offer those lessons, including Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Phuket, Hua Hin, Pattaya and many more.

5. Surfing

Adventure Activities In Thailand

Thailand is one of the best places for a beginner to practice or get experience in surfing. With small waves and mesmerizing beauty of nature, Thailand has emerged to be quite popular among adrenaline junkies to take part in surfing. Many parts of Thailand, including Khao Lak, Nai Harn, Kalim, Kata and many more places, have waves that are high enough for you to take part in your first surfing experience of your life. If you want to get lessons on surfing, you could always visit Flow House located in Bangkok that is a wave pool. Though the places mentioned above have consistent waves. Do not expect to get massive waves like Philipines or Bali.

Where to surf in Thailand: Phuket, Bangkok and some other places are perfect for tourists who want to take part in surfing.

That’s all 5 Adventure Activities In Thailand.

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