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After allegations of threatening Sonu Nigam, Rajender Singh Pahl issues clarification; asks, ‘Why does he want to work with an anti-national?’ | Hindi Movie News




Singer Sonu Nigam got embroiled in a controversy recently. A Zoom Digital report suggested that BMC chief Iqbal Singh Chahal‘s cousin Rajender has apparently sent derogatory and slanderous messages of threatening nature to Sonu Nigam. Reportedly, Iqbal had connected the singer to his cousin Rajender requesting him to perform at a concert overseas.

Rajender has now issued a statement of clarification through his spokesperson stating that the claim is baseless. “The difference emerged between Mr Sonu Nigam and Mr Rajender Singh, as Mr Singh resisted working with one person referred to as Rocky and Mr Rehan Siddiqui recommended by Mr Nigam to perform at a concert overseas. Mr Rakesh Kaushal (alias Rocky) and Mr Rehan Siddiqui have been banned by the Ministry of State for Home Affairs, Govt of India,” read the statement.

Further explaining why Rajender Singh Pahl resisted working with Rocky and Rehan Siddiqui, the statement mentioned, “The duo have been known for malpractices and supporting Pakistan-based terror groups as reported earlier in media. They are blacklisted based on recommendations of the Consulate General of India. It is against the ethics of Mr. Rajender Singh Pahl to work with Anti-Nationals. He will not work with anti-nationals even if they agree to work for free.” (A copy of letter by the Consulate General of India was attached to the statement.)

The statement further denied the claim that Rajender is the cousin of BMC chief Iqbal Singh Chahal and stated that they are merely from the same village in Rajasthan.

According to the spokesperson, Rajender Singh Pahl has over two decades of experience in handling events and roadshows of Bollywood celebrities. He has worked with senior actors like Anupam Kher, Amitabh Bachchan (Unforgettable in 2008), Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan-Juhi Chawla-Kajol-Akshay Kumar (Awesome Foursome in 1997), Anil Kapoor-Aamir Khan-Priti Zinta (Lagaan tour), Akshay Khanna and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to name a few.

The statement further posed questions from Rajender Singh Pahl to Sonu Nigam, “Why does he insist that Mr. Rajender Singh Pahl work with those who are banned by The Government of India? Why does he want to work with Anti-national who fund and work with Pakistani terror groups? Does he have commercial ties and links with them?” adding that the ED or the IT department should investigate the money trail of ‘terror funding leading to Mr Nigam.’


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