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Ankkita Chauhan: One of the Youngest Female Gamers



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Ankkita Chauhan aka Ankkita C is one of the few female gamers from India. She started streaming games in July 2018 and within just 2 years, she has achieved a great place in the Indian gaming community. Also, she has a huge fan following on YouTube as well as on other social media platforms. Ankkita Chauhan is one of the youngest female gamers of India. In a very short time, with her exceptional gaming skills and influence, she has got so much of appreciation.

Ankkita Chauhan: The Young Female Gamer

She was working as a full-time employee with a digital marketing agency and it was then that one of her friends introduced Ankkita to PUBG Mobile. She started playing PUBG with her friends and it became addictive. Also one of her friends opened a studio for streaming games on Youtube.

As it was very addictive to play PUBG, so thought why not start a channel and continue streaming, she did. She started getting a good response for her games and ultimately left the job to become a full-time gamer, streamer. All she wanted is to grow her YouTube channel and focus more on the content side. She left the job.

But now her focus is to encourage more & more female streamers to start gaming.

She has also partnered with Logitech, Intel, and Loco. She is a content creator at s8ul.esports. 

Ankkita Chauhan  has more than 50k followers on her Instagram account @ankkitac and more than 200k subscribers on her YouTube channel Ankkita C.

We wish her all the best for her great efforts in the gaming community.

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