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Best Places to Visit in The World for Couples




The world is filled with such a wide variety of wonderful destinations and beautiful places to visit, it can be quite difficult to compile a list of the best ones. Thinking about a traveler who, for whatever reason, has never set foot outside his or her home town, where would be the first places they might visit?

For more ideas on where to go and what to see, read our list of the top places to visit in the world.

1. London, England


This historic English city is another destination just filled with incredible places to visit. A trip to London is an opportunity to visit iconic places like the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London.

Take advantage of the city being a cultural center as well by seeing a West End theater show or watching a musical performance at the Royal Albert Hall. Modern London is also a city of fine dining, luxury hotels, and world-class shopping.

Don’t miss the museums, the vast British Museum is free, and usually quite crowded. Make time to visit The Wallace Collection, a free museum on Oxford Street. It has one of the world’s greatest collections of furniture and porcelain, along with some important Old Master paintings.

2. Manhattan, New York


One of the five boroughs of New York City, Manhattan is actually an island, bordered by the East River and the Hudson (and a little bit by the Harlem River). This island is a bit less than 23 square miles and is home to almost two million residents. Add in the daily influx of workers, and the island routinely holds close to four million people.

No other city in the world offers the frenetic energy of New York City. It’s filled with the world’s best shopping and dining, along with incredible museums.

Manhattan also has a giant green heart, Central Park. No matter the season, it provides a playground for the city’s residents, offering a range of activities from museums to a zoo. There’s also a lot of green space where you can play and relax, along with miles of running, biking, and skating trails.

3. Northern Lights, Iceland


Iceland is one of the best countries to experience the magic of the Northern lights. The best time to experience this incredible natural event is during the colder months, between November and January.

Make sure to dress warmly, as you won’t get to enjoy your northern lights experience as much if you’re freezing cold!

4. The Maldives


The Maldives lie between southwest of India and Sri Lanka. They are known as one of the most romantic archipelagos in the world.

Dan and I were so lucky to visit this paradise a few years ago: here you will be able to enjoy white sand beaches, admire a rich and incredible marine life and a crystal clear blue sea, with a color so intense you won’t believe is real!

You can enjoy snorkeling during the day and then relax on the beach while drinking a glass of champagne and admiring a wonderful sunset in the evening. The colors here will remind you of the most stunning paintings you have ever seen.

5. Paris, France


Talking about the most romantic destinations, this is probably the most obvious one! And for a very good reason. Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. No one can deny that Paris is the city of love!

Strolling along the Seine, wandering along the streets and grabbing a quick bite at a cafe are just some of the most romantic things that you can do. Make sure to visit the picturesque Montmartre and climb the Eiffel Tower together!


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