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Bollywood Wives – Neelam, Maheep Kapoor, Bhavana Panday, Seema Khan – Get Personal! Exclusive Interview | Hindi Movie News




It doesn’t get more personal than this. ETimes gets you an entertaining chat with four Bollywood Wives – Maheep Kapoor, Seema Khan, Bhavana Panday and Neelam, talking about gossip, egos, tempers, make-up and lots more, and yes, even phone numbers!

All four took every question sportingly and were in their element. Maheep and Seema were travelling in their respective cars when we joined them, while Bhavana and Neelam were indoors. You cannot miss this interview,
see it FULL in the video below:

Here are the excerpts from the conversation:

Who amongst you four is the biggest gossip monger?

Seema: Maheep

Maheep: Kya?

Seema: Maheep is sounding as if nobody else should take the title that belongs to her.

Maheep: Well, I get a lot of information, I get more information than all of them, but gossip ummm….

Bhavana: Maheep is kind enough to share it with her friends. She is not selfish to keep it to herself.

Maheep: Are you giving me the crown?

Bhavana: Yes, yes.

Maheep: Chalo, I’ll take it.

The biggest shopaholic?

Bhavana: Seema.

Seema: (Raises her hands in victory)

Neelam: Bhavana has several clothes with tags still on.

Bhavana: I don’t shop that much. Seema has clothes which she purchased even 20 years ago.

Seema: Listen, I am very proud of my wardrobe:

The most indulgent mother?

Maheep: I think each one of us at some point.

Seema: All of us, aren’t all parents indulgent?

Bhavana: Yes.

Seema: The tag of indulgence is attached to every mom.

Who has the biggest ego in saying ‘sorry’?

Neelam: You don’t say sorry to loved ones.

Maheep: I don’t say ‘sorry’ easily.

Neelam: But Maheep, you aren’t always right – just to burst your bubble.

Bhavana: I don’t have qualms about saying sorry to loved ones.

Seema: Neither do I.

Maheep: The crown goes to Bhavana and Seema on this one.

Who keeps talking on the phone for extended durations, even if the person at the other end wants to end it soon?

Neelam: I don’t think any of us have the patience to have long conversations on the phone.

Bhavana: We plan such conversations only when they’re largely related to work.

Who is the worst at deciding what to wear and keeps changing before finalising the outfit?

Maheep: Seema; she has the biggest wardrobe but nothing to wear.

Seema: That is true.

Bhavana: Seema. Recently she changed her wardrobe twice at an event because she was not satisfied.

Seema: I take my clothes very seriously.

Who goes to a salon or spa at the drop of a hat?

Bhavana: Seema.

Seema: Rubbish.

Neelam: Seema, whenever we have caught up with you on zoom, you are always on mute because you are in a salon either doing your hair or nails.

Bhavana: Yeah.

Seema: I like to be particular. Yeah, but what to do? I have time as I am single, fancy free and footloose.

Maheep: Why are you giving an explanation?

Who has the maximum mood swings or let’s say, who has a temper?

Maheep: Bhavana.

Bhavana: I am the most sensitive. There’s a difference between sensitiveness and mood swings.

Seema: You can give it off, Bhavana.

Maheep: Crown goes to Bhavana.

Neelam: Now, why are you giving an explanation, Bhavana?

Who has lost her phone most number of times?

Maheep: Seema.

Seema: No, it’s there around me but I don’t seem to find it.

Maheep: But you panic, Seema. Last time in the car, I searched your phone, wasting 10 minutes.

Seema: Yeah.

Maheep: Crown goes to Seema. I think she’s winning this.

Seema: I don’t know what kind of win is this, because I have been attacked.

Rarely seen either of you in a saree, but who likes to wear it the most?

Seema: Maheep. According to her, it’s the ultimate eternal…

Maheep: It’s the sexiest attire. I have seen ‘Gangubai’ yesterday and I’ll be wearing a lot of that look nowadays – white sari, red bindi.

Who responds sabse late on text messages?

Maheep: Seema.

Bhavana: Seema is not even denying it.

Who bargains with shopkeepers?

Bhavana: Seema is quite aware where you can get a better deal.

Who is the best in remembering phone numbers, birthdays and car numbers?

Neelam: Bhavana.

Bhavana: I’ll take that credit. Lekin, car numbers nahin, kuch jyada hi ho gaya.

Who is the first at the theatres?

Maheep: Me! I am obsessed. I love Bollywood. My kids and I need to see a movie in theatres every Friday.

Who sleeps sabse baad mein, or who has insomnia?

Bhavana: Neelam. She doesn’t sleep literally baad mein. She sleeps sabse pehle but she has insomnia.

Seema: She has sleep issues.

Neelam: Thanks for revealing all the information. Well done, guys.

Who is the best cook and worst cook?

Bhavana: My kids love to go to Maheep’s house on days that she has cooked.

Seema: And Bhavana doesn’t know even how to make tea.

Bhavana: I agree. I was about to say that I am the worst in cooking food.

Who will win the race if you’ll run or drive?

Bhavana: Seema, she does a lot of cardio.

Maheep: She is the fittest.

So as said, these were just the excerpts. See the full video above for the full conversation.


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