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Wordle 251 for February 25: Wordle is back with the word of the day. The aim of this game is to find a five letter word within six attempts and if you get a letter in the right spot and form the correct word, the square turns green. However, if the guessed letter is in the word but not in the right spot, the square turns yellow. And if the letters turns grey, it means it is wrong. Wordle has become an instant hit following its launch, as a short and simple browser-based game for puzzle lovers. The free-to-play game can be directly placed on the Wordle website ( or mobile application.

Created in October by former Reddit software engineer Josh Wardle, the popular game is available to play only once a day. Now, users wait for the unique game each day which is available in the web format only and is still not available in app format. Players can get only six attempts to solve this puzzle. Only one Wordle appears each day.

Hint for today’s Wordle 

Maybe you’re still trying to save your streak, then don’t scroll down yet, because some hints will suffice for you to find your way. 

Today’s word has two vowels in it

-The word starts with V

-The word ends with D

-The word is often used when talking about imagination

-“The …. imagination of children”

If you are still around here means you really want that answer.

The word on Wordle’s puzzle number-251 for February 25, 2022 is VIVID. The word is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as “producing a strong or clear impression on the senses.”


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