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Ethics Policy

Review and Ethics Policy

If you’re a reader, thank you so much for checking out this page: I want to be up front about my review and ethics philosophy with you. And if you’re a brand interested in working with me, thank you so much for visiting my site! I’m currently open to affiliates and partnerships, so please feel free to contact me after reviewing the below.

I occasionally receive offers of free products, affiliates, and/or sponsorships. Here is my personal review policy, for anyone interested!

Disclosure. I will always disclose the circumstances under which I received the product (free of charge, at a discount, sponsorship, any relationship with the brand, etc.), as according to FTC guidelines. If I’m using a referral or affiliate link, I’ll always mention it.

Honesty. As someone who is ridiculously passionate about planning and stationery, it’s very important to me to be as honest as possible. If I’m able to review a product, I therefore cannot guarantee a positive review. But please know that I strive to be as constructive and kind as possible, since I know how small many stationery companies are and how hard founders and employees work. I believe in The London Parchment’s viewpoint: that constructive criticism and integrity from customers and reviewers is a good thing, since it can help improve a product.

Where does the money go? If I make any extra funds from affiliate links (for example, my Amazon store) or brand partnerships, I am committed to funneling it back into Line Unfolding so I can create more content for this planning community I love so much! I am currently saving up for a better DSLR so that I can potentially get into the world of YouTube videos (!). My secondary financial goal is considering buying a pro blogging account to host this site.

Content/Photography. I own the copyright to any photos I might take of or including products, as well as any words I write on this site. Please ask first if you plan to use my photos or any quotes.

If you have any questions from a reader or brand standpoint, please feel free contact me!

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