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Google Starts Rolling Out its Newest Operating System



Google’s long-awaited release of Fuchsia OS has begun. As reported by 9to5Google, Google starts rolling out its newest operating system to consumer devices, one of the smart displays Google sells in various markets. Fuchsia OS has been in the works for over three years now and is widely speculated to be a replacement for Android and Chrome OS in future

Google Starts Rolling Out Its Newest Operating System

That said, the rollout is limited and controlled right now. The report said Fuchsia OS will initially come to the company’s Preview Program only, with a wider rollout planned later. Even so, the Nest Hub isn’t the most widely used device yet, meaning the operating system will be available to very few users right now. 9to5Google noted that most users will likely not even notice any changes at first.

Google Starts Rolling Out its Newest Operating System

It’s likely that Google is using the controlled rollout to get more data on the OS’s performance, iron out bugs, and more. Fuchsia OS is expected to be a platform meant for ambient computing or smart home devices of the future, which will run across mobile phones, smart home devices, laptops, and more.

While Google has never confirmed what the operating system will be about, the rollout to Nest Hubs could be a sign that it’s meant for the future smart home ecosystem.

“We’re looking at what a new take on an operating system could be like. And so I know out there people are getting pretty excited saying, ‘Oh this is the new Android,’ or, ‘This is the new Chrome OS.’ Fuchsia is really not about that. Fuchsia is about just pushing the state of the art in terms of operating systems and things that we learn from Fuchsia we can incorporate into other products,” the company had told TheVerge back in 2019.

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