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How to Connect Fire TV to WiFi Network without Remote [Guide]




There are many smart TVs available in the market to choose from. And, as a consumer, you would want to buy something perfect with your budget. A smart TV that isn’t pricey and at the same time should have a good set of features for the price. Now, you can pick from Android, Roku, or even Amazon-powered smart TVs. Amazon has its range of Smart TVs known as Fire TV. It comes with the Fire TV OS that is feature-rich and available on various devices such as smart TVs, streaming boxes, and streaming sticks. If you lost your TV’s remote and want to connect it to WiFi, then here’s how you can connect Fire TV to WiFi Network without remote.

Amazon’s Fire TV OS is great. You get access to a ton of apps and streaming services to watch either for free or by paying a monthly subscription. The other interesting part about having a Fire TV device is the fact that you not only use Alexa to control your Fire TV but also make use of sideloading Android apps that aren’t available in your region or moreover, the app store. With that being said, let’s take a look at how you can connect your Fire TV to the WiFi network without using a TV remote.

There are various reasons why this guide might interest you. You know, simple reasons such as probably you lost the remote to your Fire TV, or it’s broken and damaged, and you are waiting for a replacement remote. Or maybe, you simply just do not want to use TV remotes because they become clutter on your table or couch.

How to Connect Fire TV to WiFi without Remote [using Wireless Keyboard and Mouse]

If you are using an Amazon Fire TV and do not have the TV remote with you, plugging in a wired keyboard and mouse can be super beneficial to you. All you need to do is plug the keyboard right into the TV and navigate over to the settings to connect your TV to the WiFi network.

how to control lg smart tv without remote

How to Connect Fire TV to WiFi without Remote [using Two Mobile Devices]

Now, the first method will work for you only if you have never connected your Fire TV to any WiFi network. If for some reason you do not have a keyboard and mouse, but your Fire TV was previously connected to a WiFi network, then it’s easy to get this setup working. Follow these steps to get your Fire TV connected to the WiFi without using a TV remote.

how to use insignia fire tv without remote
  1. First, get yourself two mobile devices.
  2. On one of the mobile devices, you need to set up the WiFi Hotspot.
  3. Make sure to enable the WiFi Hotspot of one mobile device and ensure that the network name and wifi password are the same as that of the network that your TV was previously connected to.
  4. On your other mobile device, you will need to download the Fire TV app that is available as a free download for Android and iOS devices.
  5. Your Fire TV should be powered on. It will also be looking for WiFi networks to connect to that have been previously saved onto the device.
  6. Once the Fire TV detects your WiFi Hotspot and connects to it, connect your second mobile device to the same wifi network.
  7. Now, with the TV and the mobile connected to the same WiFi Hotspot, launch the Fire TV app.
  8. You will need to sign in or register yourself using an Amazon account.
  9. It would be best to use the same account that has been signed in with your Fire TV.
  10. Now select your Amazon Fire TV Device on the screen.
  11. The remote will now be activated, and you can use the mobile device as a remote for your TV.
  12. Once the connection has been successful, you can now navigate to the Settings on your TV and connect it to your proper home WiFi network. With that completed, connect the mobile device with the Fire TV app to the same home WiFi network.
  13. And that is how you can use the Fire TV app on your mobile device as a remote for your TV.


And there you have it! Two methods that you can follow to connect your Fire TV to the wifi network without using a remote. Now I do understand that the second process might not be the best solution for everyone, but it is worth giving it a one-time successful try. However, if you feel that the work is too much, get yourself a new Fire TV remote or probably even one of those remotes that work universally with almost any TV brand.

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