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Interview of Jagriti Gemini: A Passionate Dancer



Today we are going to have a successful young dancer and actor who will share her experience and journey. Also, we are going to talk about the current trend of Instagram reels. In this article, we are going to take interview of Jagriti Gemini who is a great dancer and currently creating great content on Reels. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Interview of Jagriti Gemini


1. Tell us something about yourself, about your passion, and your current scenario.

My name is Jagriti Gemini, 20 years old actor/dancer based in New Delhi, INDIA, though I’ll soon move my base to UAE. I’m currently pursuing my literature degree from Maitreyi College, University of Delhi. I’ve done my high schooling from Indian school  Muscat and shining star international  Abu Dhabi and have been traveling since then. I absolutely love to dance, I still don’t know if that’s my passion but yaa it is for sure, my escape and happiness, other than that I love to swim, watch/play cricket and socialize. The only thing I want for myself is to be happy, not satisfied but happy.  


2. You are doing a really good job on Instagram reels, how tough it is to make short-form content like reels?

Well, thank you. To be honest, I have mixed thoughts on this entire concept of reels. I feel it’s amazing how Instagram has come up with short-form content because it is anyway easier to shoot a video for 15 seconds compared to actual IGTVs and posts. personally speaking, I find it much easier to make reels and it’s fun as well, but yes it takes a lot of effort. since you only have 15-30 seconds to catch everyone’s eyes. but also people are misusing it, the actual talent is still not reaching people because they want to stick to the authenticity but then again, change is important. but I do want to tell people, PLEASE DON’T GO MAD, and put up just anything, that might fetch you followers and likes but NOOO.


3. Your dancing skills are really great! Tell us something about it. Are you passionate about dancing since childhood?

I’ve always been into dancing and drama. I still remember I used to be the leader of every performance back in Delhi Police Public School. I have literally been part of 2-3  choreographies happening one after the other. If people knew me/ loved me in that school, it was because of dance, I’m actually surprised to see that they still remember me since I left the school after 8th standard. professionally speaking, I went to The Danceworx in 2013 for a summer workshop and had gotten a scholarship post that, but I had to leave just after 3 months for muscat. when I came to Delhi in 2018, I joined theculturestudios because I wanted to dance/lose weight and that’s when it all started, within a month I was in the team, I worked so hard on myself, I remember cutting myself off from everyone, not doing anything that my friends were doing, and so in less than a year, I started teaching/choreographing and became a company member of that studio. In 2019, I got an offer from Beyond Bollywood, a dance musical that was to re-start in the kingdom of dreams, I was up for the lead actor/dance. In 2020 March, just before coronavirus happened, I was in the USA for my Namaste India show, as a lead dancer. and since then it’s been me and my 4 walls. thanks to this virus :). I’m extremely lucky and blessed to be able to move. but I’m extremely grateful and feel super blessed for getting such an amazing response from everyone, I have been blessed truly to get the work I do.


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4. What are your future plans to grow your social media presence.

I have always said this, and I’ll say it again, that I’m active on social media because I enjoy doing it but I do not derive my happiness from it when my videos do good, or my followers increase or get sad when that doesn’t happen. I just hope that I keep up the good work while enjoying it, and receive the kind of love, I’m getting these days. but yes I also agree with the fact that social media can lift you big time.  But I wanna make sure that I don’t get too used to it, there is a life beyond it. if people keep loving me, it’s going to grow. let’s just keep working and see where it goes 🙂 The only thing I’m sure about is that I’ll be working hard to entertain my audience with quality content



5. Apart from Instagram, are you creating content on any other platform?

I’m creating content on josh App. and will be starting with my youtube soon!


6. What do you think about reels? The future of reels?

Just like everything else, this is going to change as well, but right now reels can make you a thing. anyway, changes are good, if not reels then there will be something else. but I just wanna say one thing, please stop just doing anything and start creating content actually. NO OFFENSE!


7. We have also seen, you love traveling. Tell us something about it.

You learn a lot when you travel. And fortunately, my parents understand this concept, so yaa I like to make sudden plans and just leave. a very recent and small story, I went to Shimla with my friends, we took bullets and bikes there and we literally rode for more than 300kms on those, even extended the trip because ” ek aur din ghumna tha bikes pe”, there are so many stories. once in the USA I jumped from the backyard into a club because I was underaged. So these are things I’ll always remember. all my plans are always sudden and I just like to be on the roads whenever I can be. I absolutely love to drive. And the first thing I’ll do post this lockdown is leave for Leh or south India. I’m an adventure freak and I believe in living my life to the fullest and at the same time not take extra advantage of the freedom I’ve been given. boundaries are important, BUT LIVE PEOPLE!


8. What piece of advice do you want to give to viewers who are creating content on social media?

NEVER RUN BEHIND FOLLOWERS, if you’re good at what you do, you’ll get what you deserve. consistency is the key.  go for quality, not quantity. and KNOW THAT YOU’RE INFLUENCING THE TEENS AND KIDS AND EVERYONE ACTUALLY, make sure you know that. be an example. 

 Also, guys stay safe, stay at home, be happy, be good with your parents and live a happy life. In fact, learn to be happy.

That’s all in this interview. You can follow her on Instagram @jagritigemini_15.

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