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‘Lady Hut Apparels’ Is A Must Brand In your Traditional Outfit Wardrobe



In today’s world, everyone is crazy about Western Outfits and following the trend on daily basis but many of them prefer to wear traditional outfits on festivals and occasions. The traditional outfits add peculiar beauty to a person’s appearance. Indian Market is specially known for and flooded with beautiful traditional apparels. Indian Brand ‘Lady Hut Private Limited’ is that One Brand which brilliantly puts the Best Traditional Apparels out there in the market.

Lady Hut Private Limited is a registered company in Kashmir whose apparel brands are popular throughout India as well as abroad.
Presently, ‘Lady Hut Apparels’ is one of the favourite brands in Traditional Apparels and popularity of brand is the sole result of Khalid’s hardwork and dedication in providing top-notch apparels to his customers.

The Brand is in itself a collection of bewitching apparels. The Brand provides its customers the best traditional outfits in the best affordable prices ever. Whether it’s Designer Bridal Dresses or the casual ones or it’s the semi-casual ones preferred everywhere or the Pakistani suits worn by models, ‘Lady Hut Apparels’ never disappoints the customer and has literally the most elegant outfits you can decorate your wardrobe with. It also keeps experimenting and brings new exclusive lovely designs to the customers, time-to-time.

This brand was established by Khalid Bashir Bazaz 17 years ago. The journey was not smooth; Khalid faced many setbacks but he overcame every obstacle with his perseverance.
Sharing his experience of past, Khalid says, “There were a lot of hurdles, and lack of money was the main hindrance. I used to buy clothing items from retailers here then sell them to customers with zero margins, just to gain market share.”

For Khalid, it was not a cake walk to set up the business. It was after a lot of hard work only that he succeeded. Today, Lady Hut Apparels is a registered company and has its own trademark. Khalid, owner of the Brand, has 35 employees working with him presently. Now, Khalid has five shops where they have different collections of apparels. “Today, we design our products ourselves, my focus is to preserve our culture, through my designs. I am doing my bit to introduce our traditional clothing culture to the younger generation,” Khalid mentions.

On taking account of the influence of social media, Khalid ventured into the online business for promoting his business.The Brand today has mass following on social media and people are so fascinated by the items showcased online that today ‘Lady Hut Apparels’ is the only apparel brand in J&K that has more than 250K followers on Instagram and 150k followers on YouTube. Recently, Khalid launched a new website where they offer cash on delivery options as well to customers which aims to further increase Brand’s reach and popularity. Condition is that the Brand’s online segment is doing far better business than shops which shows that the apparels are loved by the far-living people equally.

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