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Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook Reveals He Owns Bitcoin, But It’s Not What You Think



Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has had a long-running feud with Elon Musk over the use of artificial intelligence and the social media giant’s data collection practices, might be agreeing with his Tesla and SpaceX counterpart over cryptocurrencies. In his latest post on Facebook, Zuckerberg shared a picture of two goats and said one of them was named “Bitcoin”. Though a terrible name for a goat, his post triggered a flurry of speculation that the billionaire tycoon was endorsing the cryptocurrency.

Mark Zuckerberg short post only said, “My goats: Max and Bitcoin” and the photograph showed two goats in a haystack. But it has got over 12 lakh reactions and more than 2.85 lakh comments. Apart from this, 24,000 Facebook users have even shared it.

One Facebook user, named Sohana Saba, asked him which of the two goats is named Bitcoin, and another user named Vaibhav Mishra asked, “Where’s Dogecoin?”

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that has risen massively in value, at one point reaching 70 cents, after Musk began tweeting about it in February this year. Musk has said crypto could be the future currency of the Earth but he was unsure which one it would be or whether there would be several such currencies.

After Zuckerberg post, there has been a flurry of speculation on Twitter as well whether the Facebook founder was extending his support to Bitcoin with this post.

Musk and Zuckerberg’s feud goes back to 2016, when a SpaceX rocket explosion destroyed a Facebook satellite.

Since then, they have had arguments over almost everything — from artificial intelligence to rockets. During a live Facebook broadcast, Zuckerberg supported the idea of artificial intelligence and called naysayers “pretty irresponsible”. Musk, who has called for some kind of a regulation for artificial intelligence, reacted on Twitter saying, Zuckerberg’s “understanding of the subject is limited”.

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