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Paralives Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay and Other Details




Simulation games are a genre of games that are there to give you a first-hand virtual experience of how a particular function or system works around. There are many simulators such as driving, job, and other life simulator games. If you have played The Sims, then you know exactly what type of game it is. Today though, we will be taking a look at a new game that could be a direct competitor to The Sims. A new simulator game titled Paralives is making its way to PC. Here’s everything about Paralives release date, trailer, gameplay, and other details.

The Sims has been a go-to game for anyone who loves playing life simulator games. And now with a new game marking its spot to be the best in its genre, chances are high that The Sims players might make a move to Paralives. Why you might ask? Well, there’s a lot of cool stuff that’s there to talk about the new game. And looking at what the devs and the game has to offer, I’m pretty excited about this new game. So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a dive into everything we know about the new game Paralives.

Paralives Release Date

The game was officially announced in June 2019 while the development began during the start of 2019. So far, we have got to see different key elements of the game. However, a fixed release date for the game is yet to be announced by the developer.

Paralives: Developer and Publisher

Paralives is being actively developed by Alex Massé the founder and lead developer of the game. The game will be published under the Paralives Studio branding. He is the same developer for the popular PewDiePie game Tuber Simulator that is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Paralives: Game Trailer

The game currently doesn’t have a trailer to its name yet. However, there are a lot of videos available on the game’s YouTube channel that showcase a few aspects of the game such as the characters, house building, and other work-in-progress content. A trailer and teaser for the game would be quite interesting nonetheless.

Paralives: Gameplay

So far the only proper gameplay for Paralives that is available for everyone to watch is the one about House Building. If you haven’t watched it, let me explain it to you. It begins with how you would be purchasing a particular land or plot where you can begin building your first house. You can start by adjusting the walls of the house. The flooring is automatically set and, if you want, you can have the walls curved at an angle you prefer.

All of this will cost you some in-game currency that you earn through various jobs in-game. The game lets you place the windows to any wall and even adjust the size of the windows based on your preference. You can also add different products such as rugs, potted plants, and other items to decorate your house. In short, you have items that can be placed and added to every room of the house. Your imagination and creativity matter the most in the game.

The game will also feature other cool stuff the day and night cycle. This is a feature that is becoming common and a staple option for such life simulation games. The game has three basic things that you need to cover. First, you need to get your house built. Next, you need to create your characters and finally manage your life. The character creation tool lets you create a character according to your own choice. And, in terms of customization, there are options to add skin tones, tattoos, and even make-up. The character creator section is called the Paramaker.

Paralives: Special Events and Items

There are also different items that can be added to your house based on the different seasons and festivals of the year. So far, we have got to see special Halloween, Christmas, and Summer specials for the game. These can vary between different events and special items that you will be able to add as decoration in the house. There are also themed outfits based on the weather. You can take your character out to the outside world such as to the park or restaurant where they can interact and meet other characters in-game.

Paralives: Custom Content and Mods

Paralives will let you download and use various content and mods that have been created by other Paralives players via the Steam Workshop. This means you will be able to use houses and characters created by others.

Paralives Platforms and Multiplayer Support

So far the dev has confirmed that the game will be available only on PC and Mac systems via the Steam Client. They have no plans of releasing any console version or for that matter even any mobile port of the game. When asked about online multiplayer modes, there won’t be any at least for now. The game will, however, receive different content updates in the form of DLCs.

Paralives System Requirements

One of the important highlights of the game is that everyone should be able to play it on any system, including any basic laptop. Here are the minimum system requirements for PC as well as Mac Systems. Do note that these are requirements that can be changed later on.

PC Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel i3 @ 2.3 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: Any DirectX 10 compatible GPU
  • Storage: 10 GB

macOS Minimum System Requirements

And this is everything we know so far about the new upcoming life simulation game – Paralives. Now if you take a look at the game, I’d say it’s pretty interesting. Given that you have a lot of options to customize and explore in the game as well as the suggested low system requirements will be something that a lot of simulation lovers would appreciate. If you are wondering what’s taking the devs so long, well they rely on donations from the public that can be done on their Patreon page. There are also different support tiers that you can choose from. Soon or later we should expect more details from the devs about the game’s release date and pricing.

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