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Pratha-Rishabh meet under testing circumstances as Professor-Shesh Naagin start a mission to save the nation




Naagin 6 starts with religious heads, saints, naga sadhus and everyone congregating as the Professor has called them. They say that he has called us as the world is facing a threat. The Professor tells everyone that a huge calamity is going to fall on the world. The religious heads say that they have seen the astrological charts and everything is fine as per the planets. The Professor reveals about a calculation that hints at an ancient temple. He says it holds many secrets and talks about his visit to the place. In flashback, we see him near a temple in an ice-clad region where he sees a tiger about to attack him. A huge serpent saves him from the tiger. The Professor says Naag Devta saved him and told him that a crisis is looming over India. Also Read – Naagin 6: Tejasswi Prakash’s drop-dead gorgeous pictures as a serpent maiden has left Karan Kundrra worried for his heart health — view EPIC reaction

The Professor says a neighbouring country is planning a war on us. He says it won’t be a conventional war but through other means. We are introduced to Chiingistan. People there have planned a biological warfare on India to harm the population and destroy the morale of people. They have made a poisonous liquid that has been let into the water bodies. For this, they have roped in traitors of India. The Professor reveals this to the saints but they do not believe him. Also Read – Naagin 6: Karan Kundrra promotes his ‘ladoo’ Tejasswi Prakash’s show giving us boyfriend goals

It is 2020 and suddenly India is under the attack of an unknown illness. People fall sick due to water. People are dying in seconds and the nation declares a pandemic. All the religious heads say that Shani Dev is now in his own house, and it is time for karma. All the saints ask the Professor for a solution. He reveals he saw a picture of the Amrit Manthann inside the temple. He says disaster will strike India but Shesh Naag will save the world. The saints ask will she save the country? They say she will come to save the nation. Professor (Manit Joura) says Naagin will come to save the world. He says she will be our protector and seek revenge from our enemies. The Professor says we have to summon the Shesh Naagin. He says she has the strength of Naag Mani and is a big devotee of Shiva, the all-powerful God. Also Read – Tejasswi Prakash is head over heels in love with Karan Kundrra, ‘He’s the best thing happened to me’ [EXCLUSIVE]

The Professor says I have called all the snake charmers of the world to summon her. He says she has to come. They reach the temple but it is tough to call her. Her subjects kick out the snake charmers. But she refuses to come as she is angry. The Professor (Manit Joura) wonders if there is a way. He says either Lord Shiva or the soil of her motherland will bring her here. Vanda Mataram plays in the background. The Professor picks up a handful of soil and puts it in a pit. Mahekk Chahal comes as Shesh Naagin. Teri Mitti plays in the background.

The Professor tells her that she has to avenge the death of her countrymen. He tells her that you have to find the traitors who have compromised the safety of our nation. The Professor tells her to kill the enemies and find the antidote that will save lives.

We are introduced to Pratha (Tejasswi Prakash) who is reading her lines. She finds her dialogues as a Naagin funny. It seems her father wants to fix her alliance with Mayank. Pratha tells her dad that she will take him for a holiday once she gets a job. She does small dubbing assignments for a living. The Professor tells Shesh Naagin that she will find the enemy at the right moment. He tells her to identify the traitors and kill them. This time there is a difference. On earlier occasions, Naagins knew their enemies but now she has to hunt them.

The Professor tells his assistant to deliver a file to the defence forces warning them of an impending attack. We get a glimpse of Rishabh (Simba Nagpal) as a brave solider. He saves a child. Everyone is concerned about the biological warfare. Rishabh says it is possible that enemies are hiding somewhere. He is from a family that serves the Indian Army. His grandfather served the nation. His dad is a businessman and he is the only son to continue the tradition.

Pratha who is returning from work is eve-teased by a few boys. Shesh Naagin comes in a glam avatar and saves her. Pratha is in the dubbing studio. She falters with her lines. The man tells her that when a Naagin comes, she pierces the earth. Shesh Naagin manifests her real self in front of the boys and teaches them a lesson. The man is impressed with Pratha’s (Tejasswi Prakash) dubbing who gets inspired hearing about the powers of a Naagin.

The Professor’s assistant reaches the Armed Forces Cantonment. They do not allow him inside. Rishabh and his friends come there. The guy chases him and hands him an envelope. Rishabh only gets half of the message as the paper tears. It reads that there is a crisis looming on the country as a rival nation will attack. Rishabh wants to read the full message. The assistant meets Pratha on the road and puts the rest of the message in her purse. Rishabh runs behind the assistant but misses him. He spots Pratha. The assistant falls on the side of the road and gets injured.

Pratha is about to go home. The cops stop her saying that the building where she went for dubbing was raided. It seems escort business was happening there. The cops tell her that she has to give a statement for routine investigation.

A man is telling ghost stories to kids at a palatial home. A wedding is happening at the house. It is Rishabh’s (Simba Nagpal) home. He apologizes for coming late. His dad tells him that he can be late for marriage but never for the country. Pratha tells a friend what happened with the cops. Her father tells her that she feels her fortunes will change. Mayank her fiancé calls. Her dad tells her to pray to Lord Shiva for good luck. She gets a phone call about a new job. Pratha is thrilled.

Pratha reaches the temple of Shiva. The priest says the idol here is Swayambhu. He says Lord Shiva is the creator and destroyer of the universe. Rishabh and his family are praying there before the marriage. They wonder were is their mother. Urvashi (Urvashi Dholakia) and Reema (Sudha Chandran) met. Reema’s sons are getting married to Urvashi’s daughters. The Professor tells Shesh Naagin that the journey of revenge has begun. Reema’s sons are praying at the temple. Urvashi’s daughters have not come. Rishabh prays to Lord Shiva. Even Pratha is praying there by his side. Reema feels disappointed as his fiancée has not come. The priest tells Pratha that she has the power to change fortunes.

The brothers talk about how much time they spent at the temple. They are driving down a hilly road. Rishabh’s brother spots a snake. They get distracted and the car falls off a cliff. Pratha reaches out to them. She tells Rishabh to give her his hand. He is about to fall off but she takes his hand. His hand slips and he falls down. Pratha looks on in shock.

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