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Rampage in Parvati Mansion: Three Killed, Two Injured as Resident Goes on Stabbing Spree



Tragedy struck Parvati Mansion in Grant Road when a resident, Chetan Gala, went on a rampage and killed three persons while injuring two others. Gala was arrested by the police and during interrogation, he revealed that he called his son and asked him to tell his mother to return home. Sources also said that one of his daughters even brought him lunch.

Eyewitnesses stated that the incident occurred around 3:30 pm when Gala first attacked his next-door neighbours, the Mistrys, with a large knife, stabbing them multiple times. He then proceeded to attack his former domestic help, Prakash Waghmare, who was lying down in the corridor. Fortunately, Waghmare had kept a pillow on his chest, which prevented him from suffering a deep injury.

Upon hearing cries for help, Snehal Brahmabhatt (44) and her daughter Jenil (18) rushed up to the second floor to investigate. However, Gala stabbed them on the chest, stomach, and neck, causing them to stagger back to their first-floor home. Neighbours rushed them to the hospital while Gala remained on the second floor.

Gala then caught hold of a 10-year-old boy, but when residents raised an alarm, he let the child go. The child rushed up to his third-floor residence, and Gala was eventually apprehended by the police.

The first- and second-floor corridors of the building were reportedly stained with blood, and residents described Gala as an introvert who had been living in the building for 15 years. He owns a shop in South Mumbai, which he has given on rent.

This shocking incident has left the residents of Parvati Mansion in shock and disbelief. The police have initiated an investigation into the matter to determine the motive behind Gala’s heinous crime. The families of the victims are currently grieving their loss and seeking justice for their loved ones.

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