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Reena Rai’s deleted emotional post on Deep Sidhu had THIS message | Punjabi Movie News



Deep Sidhu’s sudden demise in the car crash has left everyone heartbroken. His family, friends, fans, everyone is in grief. However, one cannot even imagine the pain that Reena Rai is enduring, who was in the car with Deep.

Sometime back, she tried to express herself through social media. She wrote a very emotional post for the late actor, wherein she mentioned how the two dreamt of a future together, and how the same dream has been shattered in pieces. The actor is gone, leaving her behind in profound grief.

Her post read – “I’m broken I’m dead inside. Please come back to your soulmate which you promised me that you won’t leave me in any lifetime. I love you my Jaan, my soul boy, you are my heart beat. As I was lying in the hospital bed today, I heard you come whisper, I love my Jaan. I know you are forever with me. We were planning our future together and now you are gone. Soulmates don’t leave each other and I’ll see you on the other side.”

Reena Rai shared this post with some pictures of Deep Sidhu. However, for some reason, Reena took the post down from her social media handle. Perhaps, the actress is still trying to process the whole thing and needs some more time to gather herself.

Meanwhile, the Haryana police have arrested the truck driver accused of the accident, and he will soon be brought in front of the court.

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