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Sanhok Map in Battlegrounds Mobile India Confirmed



PUBG Mobile India which is now known as Battlegrounds Mobile India has officialy confirmed that Sanhok map will be there on new game which will be exclusively available in India. This time there will be many privacy policy for India. Here’s a list of top changes. Also, we will be talking about Sanhok Map in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Privacy Policy

  • Gamers below 18 age will only be able to play 3 hours per day.
  • If the gamer’s age is below 18 then only Rs.7,000 can be spent for in-game purchases.
  • Esports events will be conducted and will be limited to India. However, Indian teams might be able to compete globally later on.
  • Gamers will no longer be able to change servers to get more kills unlike earlier.
  • You will be matched only with Indian players. Everyone in a match will be from India.
  • Below 18 age will be asked for their Parents/Guardian mobile number to ensure that they are legally eligible to play the game.

Sanhok Map in Battlegrounds Mobile India

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On YouTube Community post, they have posted a photo with “The Battlegrounds Are Waiting” line and in the photo, Sanhok is clearly visible. We can assume that almost all the maps will be available on the new game with a few improvements and also, weapons, skins, clothes, and vehicles will be the same.


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