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Over the past few years, social media has revolutionized the fabric of brand marketing. According to a study conducted by OBERLO, nearly 73% of marketers believe social media marketing has been ‘somewhat effective’ or ‘very effective for their business. This proves how social media has been successful in the marketing of a business. If we were to understand the dynamics of growing a brand on social media, most of us would skedaddle on encountering its basics. But exceptions are always there! A few are born social media marketers who can skyrocket a brand’s growth through several methods and techniques. One of them is Taresh Goyal, a next-gen social media marketer that has helped brands uplift their reputation on social media platforms through his creative marketing skills.

Taresh Goyal: A Next-Gen Social Media Marketer

His roots go back to Ambala, Haryana, and has always had a knack for designing creative, relevant, and humorous content. His flair for content creation is coupled with his passion for doing something meaningful in life, and this fusion has made him one of the leading digital personalities in the social sphere.

Following a philosophy of “It’s either my way or the highway”, he backs himself in each of his decisions, believing it would churn out higher returns in the future. His marketing expertise has taken him across states and made him join hands with numerous renowned brands for social media campaigns that have yielded fruitful results. Apart from being a social media marketer, he also enjoys being an influencer. Owing to his success on online platforms, his reach has extended beyond our country borders, having catered to a diverse international clientele.

Now, the marketing suave has decided to launch his very own digital agency that would feature several online services, ranging from image building, branding to establishing a brand’s social media presence. “I believe in taking things step by step. Everything takes time. I discovered my passion as an influencer while I was working as a marketer. Social media is the best medium to help the brands grow faster and also make money through it. I always had a humorous side which I started showcasing through the memes I created. It feels surreal to succeed in helping people to grow as a brand”, he said. He has also planned to launch video content and is working towards it.

He has always believed one should work towards his passion and his mindset is what has made him a famed social media campaigner and a meme creator. He has fueled his passion with his of giving his clients effective results, and that has made him earn his name both within and outside the country, a feat achieved by very few in the digital world. Through his marketing skills and knowledge, many of his clients have experienced rapid growth within a short period.

Here’s to a lot of success and fame coming in the way for Taresh Goyal, and we can’t wait for the launch of his new digital agency!

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