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Top 5 Free Video Editing Apps on Android



Top 5 Free Video Editing Apps on Android

One thing that is common right now is that everyone is bored sitting at home. And for entertainment, most people turn towards the photo-sharing platform Instagram. Instagram launched Reels back in 2019 and it rose to popularity because of its 30-second video span. Many people started uploading their videos to it hoping they would become the next social media sensation. And, in this article, we will take a look at the top 5 video editing apps on android that you can download for free.

Top 5 Free Video Editing Apps on Android

1. Filmora Go

Filmora Go is a pretty well-known application in the video editing world. It even has a PC version which is just as easy to use as the mobile version. Filmora Go offers a wide variety of templates that users can choose from to create content that can look attractive on Instagram Reels or MX TakaTak. However, Filmora Go does not allow you to edit video templates entirely, which can be a dealbreaker for many users.

Users can easily import videos and choose their desired aspect ratio. Splicing and trimming of videos are pretty straightforward and nothing fancy.

You can download the app here

2. VivaCut

VivaCut has a vast amount of VFX assets which makes it my favorite video editing application on this list. The VFX library consists of most of the trendy effects that have been well versed with the audience on Instagram Reels. You can of course import your choice of music or choose to extract one from your previous videos or any other video. Adding text bubbles and stickers is also very easy, even for a first-time user.

The timeline is also pain sailing and any user can try their hand at it without having to seem like things are complicated. Users can also choose the frame rate of the video and its quality. They can also add various other videos or photos as an overlay which opens up the creative lock.

You can download the app here

3. Action Director

Action Director is a close relative to Power Director. Both CyberLink products are almost similar when it comes to features. Trimming and slicing the videos and audio are pretty basic and nothing too tough for the average user. Users can choose their desired aspect ratio and if the video somehow does not fit the frame, users can choose the fit and fill option which uses Gaussian blur to fill up the frame while the first layer of video fills up the resolution.

You can download the app here

4. Motion Ninja

Motion Ninja has a very attractive UI and a very easy-to-use timeline which can help people understand how the workflow of the app can be. On the assets front, Motion Ninja also has a lot of good effects and filters. You can add various text titles and stickers as well to your video which can help make it more interactive. Some of the traditional transitions are also available which helps the app to be user-friendly.

Motion Ninja also has the trendy shake effect in its library, which still seems to be drifting into the Reels world. Motion Ninja also provides a wide array of music in its asset library. These audios can be used in your videos to help make them more soothing, and if you find any good music on it, you can even create some very good content by editing to the beat.

You can download the app here

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

We are pretty sure everyone is already aware of this one, but we couldn’t help but add this to our list as well. Premiere Rush kind of resembles Adobe Premiere Pro which makes things easier if you are already aware of its UI. Premiere Rush is straight to the point and editing videos on it is a delight. Premiere Rush has a lot of title animations that can be added to your videos and it even has transitions such as the watercolor transition. Users can also change the colors of the transitions. Premiere Rush allows the user to edit the audio file separately as well.

You can download the app here

Which is your favorite free video editing app on Android? Let us know in the comments.

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