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Whatsapp Working On These New Features To Simplify Experience. Details



WhatsApp has been testing new features to make chat more vibrant and lively. Three such features were reported by the WhatsApp tracker. WhatsApp is working on status updates, group polls and quick reactions. These in-app features are under development and will be rolled out in future updates.

WABetaInfo found that WhatsApp is working on the ability to view status updates right within the chats list in a future update of the app. It is quite similar to Instagram where it is possible to view status update right within the chat list.

“If a contact publishes status update, it can also be seen right within the chats list or when the user is searching for chats and messages. If the user clicks on the chat cell, WhatsApp opens the conversation with the contact but if they click on the profile picture of the contact that published a status update, their status update shows up,” said WABetaInfo.

Another update came on the group polls. After sending the poll, you and other people can vote for the option you choose and other participants will be able to see all votes. 

“Actually, WhatsApp has not developed a feature that allows checking who voted for a specific option, but maybe it is planned for a future update: since group polls are under development, some features are still missing and it may be one of these,” added WABetaInfo. 

The process of sending a group poll is secured by end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp is also working on quick reactions. It is a way to quickly send an emoji when viewing a status update on WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp is planning to add 8 new emojis to use as reactions: Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes, Face with Tears of Joy, Face with Open Mouth, Crying Face, Folded Hands, Clapping Hands, Party Popper, and Hundred Points.

Actually, after reacting to status updates, the reaction is sent in the chat as a simple emoji message, but maybe WhatsApp is planning to develop a proper user interface when receiving reactions to your status updates.

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