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Where, how to play this new online sensation guess game




Wordle is the new online sensation attracting users to play this new e-game. The five-lettered word game has become an instant hit after its launch. Now, users wait for the unique game each day which is available in the web format only and is still not available in app format. Wordle can be played on powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/ and can be done using the desktop or the mobile phone browser. Players can get only six attempts to solve this puzzle. Only one Wordle appears each day.

How to Play Wordle

When you load the Wordle website which is mentioned above, you’ll see a simple grid and a keyboard. You type your first five-letter word guess, and that becomes the top row of the grid. There are no hints. The first guess has to be completely random. Any letter that is in the correct space will be highlighted in green. Any letter that’s in the word but isn’t in that exact space will be highlighted in yellow. Letters that are not in the word will be greyed out. There’s no undo to the Wordle.

How to start guessing correctly

Start with guessing the most commonly used letters in the English language like E, A, T, R, S, I, O, and N. The least common are usually Q, Z, J, X, and V. Eliminating vowels early will help you to narrow down the possible Wordle answer.

Use American

Wordle uses American English spellings, so some words that you might not even consider, such as “favor”, “color”, etc, are in fact possible matches. 

But, be sure, there is still no official app for it yet the scamsters are trying to create clone apps. Do not fall for such links that promises to take you to Wordle or to the guesses. You must have played Sudoku in the newspaper. It is simple as this but online.

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