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Who’s got Kichcha Sudeep and Anup Bhandari’s so excited? | Kannada Movie News




Kiccha Sudeep and Anup Bhandari‘s maiden collaboration ‘Vikrant Rona‘ is easily one of the most anticipated film releases of 2022. Despite the delay in the release, there’s been an uncontainable excitement among fans who are raring to watch the fantasy-adventure unfold on the big screen. With the film coming out in 3-D, there’s so much more to look forward to in the case of this pan-Indian venture.

And it would seem that the film’s lead actor Kiccha Sudeep himself is unable to contain the excitement. Taking to social media a short while ago, Sudeep lauded the efforts of director Anup Bhandari and Co. efforts in pulling off the 3-dimensional spectacle and expressed his own desire to watch the film on the big screen. In the same vein, Sudeep would also reveal that he awaits the announcement of his next collaboration with Anup Bhandari that includes a new entrant whose identity he wouldn’t disclose!

“Reaching out to our own Limits and Pushing it a lil more, is a great high. 3D of #VikrantRona looks beautiful. Thanks to the whole team. Await its release date. Also await the announcement of my nxt collaboration with @anupsbhandari 🤜🏻🤛🏻 @SupriyanviPicS 🥳 @iampriya06 and ?? 😉” wrote Sudeep in his tweet.

Quite naturally, the “??” in the equation seems to be the most crucial part as Anup Bhandari too took to social media soon after to share his excitement. Stating that he isn’t sure what part of the announcement to be more excited about, Anup urged Sudeep to perhaps reveal all of it right away.

As far as the duo’s next collaboration is concerned, Sudeep had stated in an interview not very long ago that he would be working with Anup once again on a script titled ‘Ashwatthama‘. Anup Bhandari later revealed in an exclusive chat that he was busy scripting ‘Ashwatthama’ and that the team wished on making an official announcement once all the major factors lined up. It would be a matter of time before the makers shed more light on the prospects of ‘Ashwatthama’.


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