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Google Chrome for Android May Soon Let You Restore All Recently Closed Tabs




Google Chrome on Android can sometimes introduce issues during your smooth browsing experience by closing all tabs together at once. This may happen due to a bug, or by accident. In such cases, the user often keeps looking for ways to restore all tabs, especially if there are multiple tabs that are being in use before the abrupt closing of Chrome. To provide a permanent solution to such issues, Google Chrome for Android has been spotted experimenting a feature to lets the user restore all closed tabs at once, similar to what’s already available on Chrome for desktop.

While it is easy to restore a window by going through browser history, users often faced an issue while restoring all the closed tabs. However, there was no solution to restore multiple closed tabs on Chrome for Android. Chrome Story has recently pointed to the new experimental flag in the Chromium source code, Android Bulk Restore or Android Tab Restore, which indicates that Google has already started to test this feature on Android.

As mentioned in the Chromium Gerrit, the user will be able to restore recent tabs in bulk by enabling the restoration feature. To do so, one has to go to Recent Tabs > Recently Closed. This saves the user’s time and will not require browsing through the Chrome history and opening windows using the previous links.

The feature is likely to soon be available on the Canary version of Google Chrome for Android. However, there is no timeline set for a public rollout of this feature. The entry on Chromium Gerrit hints that it is pretty new at this time. Those who wish to test the feature can download the latest Canary version from the Google Play Store. However, since it is highly unstable, the users are advised to wait for the stable version on Android for the best experience.

The ability to restore all recently closed tabs is currently available on Chrome’s desktop version, which also comes with a pop-up window that lets you choose if you wish to restore the currently closed tabs.

While Chrome for Android lets the user manually restore each tab one by one, it is not possible yet to restore them all at once in a single click. Google has been working on the feature, where users will be able to restore recently closed tabs from the “Recently closed” section under Recent tabs.

With the addition of this new feature, users will be able to experience a smooth browsing experience, where restoring closed tabs will not be an issue anymore.


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