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Thrift Mania For Her: Sustainable Clothing Startup By a Young Girl



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In this article, we are going to have a conversation with Sanskriti Vyas, a young girl with millions of dreams. At a very young age, she has started a sustainable clothing startup, called Thrift Mania For Her. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Thrift Mania For Her: Startup by Sanskriti Vyas


1. Hi Sanskriti! Tell us something about you. Your hobbies, your passion, and your background.

Hey myself Sanskriti Vyas a young girl with many dreams who choose the path of being self-dependent and creative in every aspect of life currently pursuing b tech in information technology from Dharamsingh Desai university Nadiad and managing an online thrift store named thriftmaniaforher


2. So when did you get this thought of starting this Start-Up? How did you launch Thrift Mania For Her?

I was in search of something through which I can boost my skills, learn something new, and also through which I can become self-dependent. Being self-reliant not only makes me stand bold but also boosts my confidence. So I researched a lot and get to know that there is something like a thrift shop which not only gives a second chance to pre-owned clothes but also it is sustainable which helps to reduce pollution and somehow contribute to saving mother earth. Thrift store not only provides items at the lowest price but also provides rare items and Branded items which usually they grab from the thrift market. As the new era is always in search of something different, thrift stores help to find them something rare and unique. This concept of sustainable clothing is now blossom in our country and so here I am with my little online thrift store with a unique collection at the lowest possible prices I launched my thrift page in march but at that time I was a little bit afraid and won’t be able to invest more so I started and shut it down but this concept made a strong place in my mind so after a week in April again I grab some products and started with proper planning and that collection was all sold out in an hour this thing just boosted up my confidence and then from that I am blessed with 50+ customers and growing more day by day.



3. What is the importance of sustainable clothing in today’s world?

Sustainable clothing encourages to have second chance to biodegradable products which are not in used or used for some time and then just thrown out which has little or no adverse to the environment. I think sustainable shopping is a consumer contribution towards earth and nature, in my point, there is nothing wrong with purchasing thrifted clothes from small business owners, in my words, it is not money waste it is a contribution towards our nature. Like buying the same piece worth rs 4k-5k at just 400 of the same brand and authentic then there is nothing wrong with that.


4. So, how do you manage everything. If you would like to share the entire process, from order to delivery.

Ummm, managing study and thrift store is not an easy task but thrifting is what I love to do I love to style slow and vintage fashion and also to provide them to customers at very reasonable prices. I have my small team my Mumma, me sisi, and my father who supports me helps me in packing and dispatching, and shooting too. Work distribution helps us in doing all the tasks properly.


5. Tell us something about the stores. What are the clothes variety do you offer. If you want to add something more about the store.

Thrift stores always go for something in different and unique although I am in love with authentic sportswear collection and my customer also love that too my store includes unique her collection which I grab from one small thrift shop and I always try to provide something new which can go with seasonal vibing for my girls.


6. What are your future plans. Where do you see yourself and the store going?

I believe My future plan is to make more turnover through which I can help myself and also I can contribute towards society, as food services and education to the orphanage, love to stray animals, and also I think I motivate other students like me to earn while learn and help their family and society in such a critical time.



7. We have also seen that 20% of profit goes to social welfare. Tell us something more about it.

I always think that I am a part of society, the society has given us a lot so I think it is our duty we should contribute for the uplift of the poor and needy of society and also as a human it is our responsibility to be the voice of dumb animals who are struggling a lot for life just a little contribution of yours help them to survive.


8. What message would you like to share with other youngsters planning to start their own startup?

Every young should take responsibility of his own and become self-reliant.


9. Anything else you want to add.

I want to give a little message to all the youngsters out there that you should have to stand for yourself this is your life and you have a choice either make it worth and live with self honored or regret in future. It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own, but the great is one who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.

That’s it in this article about Thrift Mania For Her. You guys can check out the Instagram page @_thriftmaniaforher_ and order your favorite sustainable clothes.

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