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Top 5 Places to Visit in Spiti Valley



Top 5 Places to Visit in Spiti Valley

1. Key Monastery

Key Monastery

Located near India’s captivating Spiti river withinside the Spiti Valley, the Key Monastery is one of the must-go-to locations in Himachal Pradesh. Also called the Kye Gompa or Ki and Kee Monastery, the surprising Tibetan Buddhist Monastery is positioned on a picturesque hilltop at an altitude of 4,166 meters above ocean level.

The 1000-year-vintage monastery which dates returned to 1100 CE is likewise the biggest in Lahaul and Spiti district of India. The awesome Key Monastery is thought to were installed with the aid of using Dromtön (Brom-ston, 1008-1064 CE) who became a scholar of Atisha, a well-known instructor of the eleventh century.

Home to around 250-three hundred Lamas, who’re religious leaders in Tibetan Buddhism, the beautiful monastery serves as a fully-useful nonsecular education floor for Lamas run with the aid of using a Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhist monks. The ancient monastery with breathtaking structure will depart you spellbound with a resemblance to myth fiction.

Surrounded with the aid of using lovely snow-capped Himalayas and glaciers, the monastery is visited with the aid of using heaps of devotees and travelers from all around the globe who come right here to are seeking for tranquility and internal peace. The pristine vicinity of the monastery with terrific villages blanketed in snow and lengthy winding roads will come up with an unforgettable experience.

2. Tabo Monastery

Tabo Monastery

On your go to the lovely Lahaul and Spiti valley, ensure to now no longer leave out on creating a go-to to Tabo Monastery. Also called “Ajanta of The Himalayas”, this historic splendor rests at 3050 meters above sea level. Unlike the alternative monasteries which can be constructed on hills, Tabo monastery is sitting at the lowest of the valley, withinside the rocky barren region of Tabo Valley.

The basis of this primordial became laid in 996 A.D through the Buddhist king Yeshe O’d. That is the purpose Tabo Monastery is one of the maximum famous ancient web websites in Lahaul and Spiti Valley. The partitions of the monastery are blanketed through valuable artwork, statues, frescos, and works of art that do general justice to the alias name “Ajanta of Himalayas”.Since the time of hearthplace apes, this monastery has safeguarded the culture, heritage, and traditions of Buddhism.

The Archaeological Survey of India has taken care of the monastery temple complicated and has declared it as the “National ancient treasure” of India. Despite being part of prehistoric times, the artwork withinside the monastery is nonetheless sparkling as new, which is one every of the largest motives for creating a go-to to this historic monastery.

After being closely broken throughout the 1975 Kinnaur earthquake, this monastery became completely restored and the Kalachakra Festival (a technique of graduation and rejuvenation) became initiated through the 14th Dalai Lama in 1983 and thirteen years seeing that then the monastery celebrated the millennium of its existence. These wealthy records of the monastery make it a “need to go to” place.

3. Kunzum Pass

Kunzum Pass is a stunning mountain byskip withinside the Kunzum Range of Himalayas. Located withinside the stunning kingdom of Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 15,060 toes above sea level, the Kunzum Pass is a panoramic sight to behold. One of the thrilling functions of the skip is the fifteen hairpin turns alongside the way.

Though those turns gift a stunning view of the roads, they make the Pass a trying-out floor for the using abilities of the travelers. Adventure drivers and bikers frequently go to the Pass who look ahead to experiencing the fun.

The Kunzum Pass is one of the maximum motorable passes of India and acts as a connection hyperlink among the Lahaul Valley and the Spiti valley. It is placed at a distance of 122 km from Manali metropolis and similar results in Kaza metropolis. Kunzum Pass is a haven for photographers! Beautiful glaciers, snow-clad peaks, and the valley past provide brilliant perspectives for photography.

Additionally, it’s miles one of the maxima traveled mountain passes as bikers and journey fans visit to revel in the fun of the turns. The skip additionally homes a temple dedicated to Goddess Kunzum Devi, the deity who guards the by skip and protects it and guests from evil powers. Visitors visiting Kunzum Pass forestall through the temple too are trying to find benefits for the journey.

4. Tabo


Top 5 Places to Visit in Spiti Valley

Situated at the banks of the Spiti River, Tabo is a tiny city in the Lahaul and Spiti districts of Himachal Pradesh. The bloodless desolate tract city sits at an elevation of 10,760 toes and is surrounded by scree slopes and snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Known for its serene and tranquil beauty, Tabo is a must-see spot for folks who are seeking out an offbeat adventure.

The city is about forty kilometers far from the border between India and Tibet, and you’re certain to come upon it whilst journeying through avenue from Kaza to Reckong Peo. The maximum well-known sights in Tabo encompass a 1000-year-vintage monastery, that’s taken into consideration as one of the holiest through the Dalai Lama himself. The listing additionally consists of numerous temples, and a few historical caves, which had been as soon as inhabited by Buddhist priests who desired to take refuge from the tough winters.

In 1996, Dalai Lama finished the sacred Kalachakra Initiation here, and lots of Buddhists from India and around the arena attended the ceremony. The city is likewise regarded for cultivating apples, and you could locate a number of the tastiest and crunchiest purple apples here. If you need to break out from the hustle and bustle of normal life, a journey to Tabo will without a doubt rejuvenate your thoughts and body.

5. Sakya Tangyud Monastery

Top 5 Places to Visit in Spiti Valley

A deal with for the eyes, Sakya Tangyud Monastery is one of the famed points of interest of Spiti. It is located withinside the Komic village of Spiti Valley at an altitude of 4520 meters. It is famed for being one of the maximum altitude gompas in India and a center for Buddhist studying amidst the breathtaking perspectives that surround it.

The monastery is positioned at the outskirts of the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary and gives a number of the maximum scintillating perspectives of the valley. The monastery is one of the have-to-see locations in Spiti Valley and boasts of functions like fortified functions adorned with purple ochre and dust walls. This is one of the best monasteries belonging to the Sakya sect which may be located in Spiti Valley.

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