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Interview of Simran Bejwani: A Successful Young Singer



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Simran Bejwani is a young successful singer with over 180k subscribers on YouTube and nowadays her reels are getting very popular on Instagram. Today, in this article we are going to take an exclusive interview of Simran Bejwani, in which we will get to know more about her background and much more interesting stuff. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Simran Bejwani Interview


1. Tell us something about yourself, about your passion, and your current scenario.


who is simran bejwani, simran bejwani, simran bejwani age, simran bejwani singer, simran bejwani instagram

–  I’m in my 3rd year of graduation (german Hons.) from Amity University, Noida. I was introduced to music when I was 7 and since then music has been my best friend. I’ve uploaded covers and an original song on my Youtube channel. Currently, I’m working on some new cover songs as well as some originals.


2. You are doing a really good job on your YouTube channel and Instagram reels. How do you manage everything?

– Thank you for that. I usually create a to-do list for myself that includes the items I need to complete within that day. So this way I manage my Youtube and Instagram and other things.


3. You reels are getting popular nowadays. How tough it is to make short-form content like reels?

– Yes, It is kind of tough to make short-form content because in that 15-30 seconds one should be able to grab the audience’s attention. Also, I try hard to make my content unique and original so my audience can relate to it.


4. Your music skills are really great! Tell us something about it. Are you passionate about music since childhood? When did you start your music channel on YouTube?

– I started singing from a very young age. That time, I wasn’t serious, it was more like a time-pass when I was at school. But then my parents and my brother pushed me and motivated me to start my own youtube channel. At the age of 17, I released my first mashup song which was quite a hit.


5. Which kind of music do you like to cover the most?

– I like to cover slow and soft Bollywood songs more. Those are the types of songs I connect more with.


6. What are your future plans to grow your social media presence as well well your YouTube Channel?

– I am hustling hard to grow on Instagram and Youtube as well. Right now I am just going with the flow, making strategies for myself as well.


7. You also have your own app. Tell us something more about it.

– Renown app approached me and I thought why not give it a shot. I was getting many song requests on Instagram and it’s not possible to fulfill it all the time so I’m planning on creating a section wherein my followers can send in requests for me to sing songs of their choice. And maybe in the future, I will come up with my own website.


8. What do you think about reels? The future of reels?

– I think reels are more popular than TikTok because it has a brand name related to it, that is, Instagram. People tend to watch short-form videos more nowadays. Also, it’s a new feature so Instagram is promoting it more and more as we can see actors, and famous personalities are also making reels.


9. Apart from singing, what are your hobbies?


– Apart from singing, I like painting, cooking and play the harmonium. I like to try different instruments, and I’m planning to learn the ukulele in this lockdown.


10. What piece of advice do you want to give to viewers who are creating content on social media and want to create their future in music?

– I would like to tell them to keep creating content. It’s a game of hard work and patience. One day or the other it will pay off.


That’s all in this interview. We thank Simran and wish her best wishes. You can follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel.




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