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Who is Taneesha Mirwani aka Taneesho: The Young Talent



Who is Taneesha Mirwani aka Taneesho, who is taneesho, who is taneesha mirwani,

Taneesha Mirwani or she calls it the Taneeshow is the perfect person to follow for a hearty laugh! With her witty chatter and comical videos, this 18-year-old teenager has managed to create quite a buzz and engage thousands of viewers. Her content speaks for herself. She’s not afraid to let loose and get candid. In this video, we are going to talk about who is Taneesha Mirwani aka Taneesho.

Taneesha Mirwani aka Taneesho

Taneeshow is an 18-year-old video content creator from India who has been making videos consistently on the popular social media video streaming platform YouTube. Taneeshow Real Name is Taneesha Mirwani.

She started making content on YouTube in the year 2020 month of June and since then there she has been making videos on YouTube and fairly has been successful and being a part of it. Her Video types generally include reaction videos, commentary videos and are even often seen making videos on various other issues.

She mostly focuses on trending topics to make her videos on and this is one of the primitive reasons she gets a good amount of views on her videos.

As of writing this, she has a subscriber base of around 143k subscribers on YouTube and the account is only going to increase as the days pass by. Her most popular video on the channel is titled “I asked my guy friends *UNCOMFORTABLE* questions girls are too afraid to ask🤭” and has over a 1.8million views so far.

Apart from being a video content creator on YouTube, she is also popular as a social media influencer on Instagram when she is often found sharing photos and videos that give us an insight into her personal life and along with that is often seen sharing a short clipping from her YouTube videos.

She started creating reels on Instagram which are going viral and taking the internet by storm.

As of writing this, Taneesha Mirwani has over 200k followers on Instagram and the count is only expected to excel as time passes by. She is although born in India but has completed her schooling in the United States of America.

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